Contract Brewing

At Spearhead Enterprises, our state-of-the-art brewhouse is as efficient a system you’ll find anywhere in Eastern Ontario. At over 90% efficiency, our Ontario manufactured tanks are the best out there. Our Brewmaster has been brewing beer for over 30 years, that experience is very valuable when brewing in small and larger production breweries as his knowledge will help lead to the highest quality of product.

Capacity and Technology
With a flexible capacity to do 35 HL, 70 HL or 105 HL in our Ontario made stainless steel tanks equipped with the most advanced brewing technology, Spearhead Enterprises is ready to keep pace with your most rapidly expanding business. This means we can accommodate your smallest seasonal run or the production of your flagship brew.

Our complete setup is equipped and ready to mill, mash, ferment, filter and fill.

Recipe Development
Got your own perfect recipe? Great. We bring the base pale 2 row malt, you bring the hops, yeast and adjuncts. If you prefer, use our house yeast at no extra charge.

Your recipe isn’t just right yet? Our team of expert brewers work with you to formulate, develop and perfect your brew.

We take pride of every single batch of beer we brew and refuse to throw just anything in a can for the sake of making a few bucks. As the only brewery in Eastern Ontario with a full on-site quality control lab, we take QA/QC very seriously. Every batch produced goes through a rigorous series of quality tests and evaluations using our high-tech laboratory and analysis equipment.

Your success is our success and we will not provide you with finished beer that falls short of your expectations.

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